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Java Concurrent Program

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Java Concurrent Program
Как создать Java Concurrent Program:

  1. Создать директорию $FND_TOP/java/cp/request (желательное, но не обязательное место)
  2. Скопировать java класс
  3. Скомпилировать java класс
  4. Регистрируем Concurrent Program Executable
    • Метод выполнения: Параллельная программа JAVA
    • Имя исполняемого файла указываем без формата файла
  5. Регистрируем Concurrent Program
    • Поле формат = Текст
    • Для параметров заполняем также идентификаторы (token)

Шаблон java класса

================= Template.java===========================
package oracle.apps.fnd.cp.request;
// Change the package name to the required one.
// import all the other required classes/packages.

import oracle.apps.fnd.util.*;
import oracle.apps.fnd.cp.request.*;

// Change the name of the class from Template to your concurrent program
// class name
public class Template implements JavaConcurrentProgram
/** Optionally provide class constructor without any arguments.
* If you provide any arguments to the class constructor then while
* running the program will fail.

public void runProgram(CpContext pCpContext)
  ReqCompletion lRC = pCpContext.getReqCompletion();
  String CompletionText = "";

  /* Code your program logic here.
  * Use getJDBCConnection method to get the connection object for any
  * JDBC operations.
  * Use CpContext provided commit,rollback methods to commit/rollback
  * data base transactions.
  * Don't forget to release the connection before returning from this
  * method.

  /* Call setCompletion method to set the request completion status and
  * completion text.
  * Status values are ReqCompletion.NORMAL,ReqCompletion.WARNING,
  * ReqCompletion.ERROR.
  * Use Completion text message of length 240 characters. If it is more
  * than 240 then full string will appear in log file and truncated 240
  * characters will be used as request completion text.
  lRC.setCompletion(ReqCompletion.NORMAL, CompletionText);

==================End of Template.java===========================

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