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Информация о сотруднике

ОЕБС Информация о сотруднике
Запрос выводит информацию о сотруднике, основная таблица fnd_user.

SELECT u.user_id           as user_id
     , u.user_name         as user_name
     , pap.full_name       as emp_name
     , pap.employee_number as emp_number
     , pj.name             as job_name
FROM fnd_user          u
   , per_all_people_f  pap
   , per_assignments_f paf
   , per_jobs          pj
      --and u.user_id = fnd_global.user_id
      and u.employee_id = pap.person_id(+)
      and sysdate between pap.effective_start_date(+) and pap.effective_end_date(+)
      -- per_assignments_f
      and paf.person_id (+) = pap.person_id
      and sysdate between paf.effective_start_date(+) and paf.effective_end_date(+)
      and paf.primary_flag(+) = 'Y'
      -- per_jobs
      and pj.job_id(+) = paf.job_id;

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